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Property, Payroll, Sales Tax and Licenses

Sloan & Companies tax advisors assist individuals and small businesses with a multitude of additional tax related services. We work with clients on many tax issues which include the following: 

Property Tax

Our staff of accountants works closely with clients to translate each property's unique operation characteristics into the lowest supportable assessed value possible. We prepare a detailed analysis and thorough documentation for use during informal negotiations with assessors and administrative level appeals. We secure every exception available to meet state-specific statues and guidelines. 

Payroll Taxes

Our staff assists many small businesses with correcting payroll tax filing related issues. We often are able to reduce potential fines and other related problems. We can also assist you with 1099 reporting. 

Sales Tax Compliance

Also known as gross receipts tax here in New Mexico. Managing the constantly changing county filing requirements, tax rates and tax forms can become very complex, and you may need a professional to assist you. We help many of our clients navigate through the requirements of paying gross receipts tax here in New Mexico. We assist with the resolution of penalty and interest assessments on late and/or inaccurate reporting. Our experienced staff delivers business tax services for our clients by remitting these taxes for them. 

Business Licenses and Permits

Our staff can assist with obtaining the proper business licenses and permits necessary to run your own business. State and local agencies are diligently reviewing business operations and determine if businesses have proper licenses and permits. We can help you to determine what licenses are necessary in your specific field of work.