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Risk Assessments

A thorough, objective risk assessment performed from an outside source helps your business successfully achieve its objectives. We help provide valuable, practical insights that help your company develop the best business strategies it needs to succeed. We offer many different types of risk assessments and have listed a few below. 

Organizational/operational Assessments and Planning – Perform evaluations of organizational or operational activities to assess the effectiveness of the four environmental components:  Work, formal organization, informal organization, and personnel. Based on the assessment we can assist management in strategic and/or operational planning.

Internal Control Assessments and Development – Perform assessments of the design, effectiveness, and organizational compliance with internal controls. Based on the assessment we can assist management in developing control policies and procedures. These services can be performed organization-wide, departmentally, and by tasks or activities.

Resource Utilization Assessment – Provide assistance in evaluating the utilization of an organization’s resources and whether their “people, processes, and technology” are properly aligned in partnership.

An effective risk assessment creates the foundation for management to respond to situations swiftly and confidently. It helps you to clearly recognize risks that could jeopardize your business goals and points you in the right direction to efficiently manage those risks.